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PCA App - Anna Rose by Glitter-Stitch
PCA App - Anna Rose
Name: Anna Rose

Gender: Female

Age: 26

Birthday: Feb. 20

Pokémon: #510 Liepard

Type: :icondarktypeplz:

Ability: Limber: The Pokémon cannot be under the PARALYZE condition while having this ability.

Race: PokéCitian

House: Alloyet

Job: Spy

Rank: :star: Recruit

Weapon: Handgun that is also part hookshot/grappling hook (which ever term you prefer) one barrel is for the hook and another for ammo to actually shoot with. The switch on the gun helps with switching between the two parts. When the switch is up it's for the grappling hook/hookshot, then when switch is down it's for the actual gun to use the ammo.


:icondarktypeplz: Thief -The user attacks and steals the target's held item simultaneously. It can't steal if the user holds an item.

:icondarktypeplz: Hone claws - The user sharpens its claws to boost its Attack stat and accuracy.

:bookdiva: Infiltration and Thievery
:bookdiva: Ranged Weapon Combat
:bookdiva: P.E.
:bookdiva: Culture and Geography
:bookdiva: PokeCitia History

When Anna was growing up with her parents, they had some rough times along the way. As she got older, she wanted to help people is some way so she started to take medcial lessons. But something happened to interupt that and make her life harder than it was before to take the medical lesson. Soon she meet someone that had changed her life around. He had helped her finish her medical lessons, and gave her a new outlook on life. If she was going to help anyone, she would have to fight for it too. The man that she helped her had also taught her use a gun and fight too. After she had spend so much time with the man, she had grown to love him and then married him.

Many months later after their marriage, they had moved to start anew. Her husband started a new business and she heard about the academy that was trying and teaching people new things and to sharpen their skills to fight in the war that was going on. She knew that it was a great oppertunity for her to help people and to learn something new, but it meant that she was going to be away from her husband. But to her surprise, her husband was totally supportive of her and got her proper clothes and stuff of what job that she was going for. She said her goodbye and promised that she would try to write back to or visit him when she is able to have the time to.

Anna realies on her instincts when it comes to missions or anything. She is always ready to help an injured friend with her medical knowdelge that she knows, helping them before getting them to safety in a mission. She loves to have fun when she can, with her friends or just by herself. When she is by herself, she likes to sing to herself sometimes or if she's really bored she'll practice her stealth by sneaking around. Sometimes she'll curl up with a good book when the mood is just right like in fall or spring weather.

Likes and Dislikes:
+ Seafood
+ Tea
+ Sweets
+ helping others
+ Her husband (who which will remain nameless for now)
+ good books

- Dishonest people
- Coffee
- not being able to complete a task or mission
- clothing that slows her down or not being able to move as freely

Additional Info:
:bulletpurple: Sorry boys~! She's married~.
:bulletyellow: any picture that she has of her and her husband, there is always something blocking her husband's face like a balloons or a finger in the way.
:bulletpurple: Her hearing is quiet good and it helps her with her job as a spy.
:bulletyellow: She is wearing shorts under her skirt just incase she ever has to be upside down
:bulletpurple:  She is pretty flexible which help with her sneaking around when she needs to.
Anna by Glitter-Stitch
Anna is getting a makeover for PokeCitia Academy 

Plus i am experimenting with a new style, and I am like it better than my previous times of drawing my pokemon gijinka OCs

:new: Much better picture of her taken with my mom's camera
Stargazing by Glitter-Stitch
I did have an art trade with TheTarkaana but sadly i didn't realize that I was on her list at the time. but any who~ here is it. I still love how this one turned out. The colors of the moonlight on her isn't right but I still like it, and I had played with contrasting level on my program and it was better than the orginal (of when i first finished it).

OC (c) TheTarkaana
stars by CureMarineSunshine


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Candice Nicholson
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I'm a new auntie now and I'm soo happy now that Lil' Mason Ryder is here. :heart:

Current Residence: Florida

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